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To all of my clients:

With the recent passing of my husband and many mechanical failures, I have no choice but to discontinue the laundering portion of my services.

I am happy to continue to repair your clean items.

It has been a privilege to serve you all. God bless you!

Are you looking for someone to launder and repair your horse blankets and accessories?   
Do you need Replacement Straps?

Wash and repairs are what we do!

Please take a moment and look at the entire page, there is much more information to find!!


We are currently looking for more drop off stations in the area. You can be a boarding facility, private facility or a shop that would like to get more customer traffic.  If you would like to become a drop off, please contact us to discuss it.

Our wash process

     All items are washed in a front loading machine so there is less wear and tear. We use and eco-friendly, PH-balanced, fragrance free laundry solution which helps to eliminate manure, urine, mud, bacteria, and viruses. While we cannot extract every hair, extra care is taken to remove hair and to hand-clean Velcro. Blankets are air-dried to prevent shrinkage, and it also helps to lengthen the life of the blanket.

     Even if you choose to clean your blankets yourself, we recommend that it be done on a regular basis. DO NOT allow your blanket to lay in a heap on your tack room floor or in a garbage bag. The ammonia in the manure and urine is highly acidic so your blanket fabric is degraded and the useful life of the blanket is shortened. Trust me on this one – I’ve seen it (and smelled it) and it is NOT A PRETTY SIGHT (or smell)!

     Keeping your blanket out in the sun will cause fading and also rot the fabric and liner causing it to tear much easier. So when you are finished using your blankets for the season, do yourself a favor and make sure they are cleaned properly and stored away!!! You'll be glad you did!

Durable, Attractive Repairs

     Our repair shop is stocked with a variety of hardware, materials, Velcro and webbing. From patching a small hole, replacing a leg strap or surcingle, customizing a chest closure to total reconstruction, we’ve got it covered!

     Don’t throw it away yet! It may look beyond repair, but sometimes it looks worse than it is -- It is always cheaper to repair the damages than to buy a new blanket.

     Be sure to check out pictures of some before & after work in our Photos section

Rates & Services

(All Fees are Subject to Change without notice)

 All Workmanship Has A Limited Guarantee!! Not responsible for shrinkage, rotted materials or fading.

NOTE: To insure against cross contamination and saving costly damages to the sewing machine, we require all items to be cleaned (either by you or by us) prior to repairs being made.

Wash Only (NO Repairs)

Blankets, Coolers, Fly Sheets & Saddle Blankets - $15 to $20

Wool Saddle Pads - $25 to $35

*Price is dependent on amounts of hair, mud, and/or manure

Small tack & Accessories - $10/load


Wash & Repairs

Standard Service:  $25.00

Moderate Service: $35.00

Ultimate Service:   $45.00

* Price level is dependent on the severity and complexity of cleaning & repairs

** Price does not include replacing detachable parts.

Detachable Parts:

Leg Straps $8.50

Belly Straps $9.50

Hood/Blanket Connectors $4.50

Do you have a blanket that the liner is totally trashed but the outer layer is still in good shape?

I will replace the liner for an additional $45.00

Give your blankets extra visibility

Have reflective tape attached to both sides of your favorite blanket !!  $15.00

 Waterproofing: $12 - $18 
*Price dependent on size of item

 Shop Charges: $15.00 minimum

Repairs only (you provide the clean item), Custom Tailoring, Tack Repair, Misc. Repairs

We accept payment through Paypal